How To Choose A Surveillance Kit

Choosing the right surveillance kit for your needs may be overwhelming. We have simplified the process for you by providing an info graphic.

Single wire from radio to PTT/ Microphone, then to earpiece.

1-Wire Surveillance kits like the Recruit Single Wire Microphone is our latest line of durable and inexpensive single wire surveillance microphones. It is not only lightweight but comfortable too. Has a clear acoustic tube earpiece with a earbud. A perfect choice for discreet communications with Security Teams, Airsoft Teams, Casinos/Resorts and Retail.

One wire goes directly to the PTT/Microphone, one wire goes to the earpiece.

The Investigator is our popular two wire clear tube microphone. Perfect for threading through suits, uniforms and other tactical apparel.

This microphone features:

- Two way radio surveillance headset.
- Longer wires than our one wire microphones.
- Clear tube earpiece can be worn on either ear.
- Earpiece has field replaceable components.
- Low profile lapel microphone with easy to use push-to-talk button.
- Sturdy metal clothing clip attaches to shirt or jacket.
- Kevlar® reinforced cable guarantees reliability.

For discrete Executive Protection detail. One wire to small microphone, pins inside lapel, one wire to earpiece, and hand held PTT.

The Executive Three-Wire Microphone is a true stealthy surveillance kit. One wire is the earpiece (just like Sherlock/Investigator), one wire is the microphone, it is a small barrel type that pins inside the shirt, the third wire is a PTT that can be fed down the shirt sleeve to be held in the palm. 

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