Tech Bulletin : codeRED Modular PTT Bypass


 For 2-Way Radio communication, the Push To Talk (PTT) is a must have. It allows you to break into a conversation and, when not depressed, it keeps all of the ambient noise around you out of the conversation. At codeRED we offer several PTT options, mostly based on the tactical professional use model. These tend to be fairly large and bulky so you can easily find them and depress the button when fully geared up. Over the years we have had many requests for a PTT bypass. At first glance this seems odd, but with this “Tech Bulletin” we will try to help make sense of it.


PTT use is fairly simple: depress the button to break into a conversation, un-depress it to just listen. With most radios you can press the PTT on the radio or the PTT on the headset, either one will work. People typically think of a PTT button as a simple switch in line with the microphone that allows current to flow through the mic, but this is not how it works. Usually, the microphone is always “hot”. It has to be so you can use “Voice Activated” (VOX) mode where the radio transmits whenever it “hears” input. By pressing the PTT button you close a circuit inside the radio that tells the radio to transmit the microphone signal.



Why would you want a PTT bypass? There are many reasons, but let us give you some actual situations based on customer feedback.

•    Scenario 1: We had a large detention center purchase several of our Assault-MOD-WP throat mic for use inside their jails. One of the unfortunate duties of these officers is to extract a detainee from their cells. This usually involves several officers and can require forceful extraction. During these extractions, the officer would rather not have the PTT button actuated during a scuffle. An accidental actuation of the PTT completely interrupts the radio conversation and renders everyone on that channel “radio silent”. In this scenario, it was more useful to reach down to the radio to activate correspondence than have the radio chatter unintentionally interrupted.

•    Scenario 2: With the recent requirement to wear face masks, many institutions have taken to using headsets with cellular phones. We created a down lead that will allow our Modular family of headsets to be used with an iPhone, or any compatible device, with the PC standard 3.5mm connection. In this use model, the microphone is always “hot” so there is no need for a PTT button. The PTT bypass allows the user to eliminate the bulky tactical PTT.

•    Scenario 3: We have had feedback from some customers asking to eliminate the PTT because they do not have any room on their plate carrier or vest to easily mount a tactical PTT. The relatively small PTT Bypass can be easily routed and hidden in many different locations.


This is a pretty simple addition to our product line and it is easy to visualize. It solves a problem for many of our customers and we are happy to say we have made this device available on our website for immediate shipping.


Check out our MOD PTT Bypass on our website at                                                                                                                           

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