New Product - NX Dual PTT K-B For Baofeng UV-82HP Radios


New from codeRed is our NX DUAL PTT K-B for Baofeng UV-82HP Radios. This unique PTT features a single down-lead K connector specifically developed for Baofeng UV82HP. Grey button is for channel A and the black button is for channel B. Available now for the Battle Zero, Assault and CQB Nexus Headsets. This PTT is also compatible with our Pro Series headsets that feature a Nexus connector which is used in Commercial and Military organizations.

The NX Dual PTT K-B features a Nexus connector ( not compatible with our modular series) wired to US NATO standard.The Dual PTT is a metal bodied, waterproof (IP67) submersible PTT. Connection to headset is waterproof. Constructed military grade design, not a plastic consumer grade device. Metal alligator clip affixes to uniform/clothing.

Find the NX Dual PTT K-B available at

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