codeRED ARC Rail Adapter Installation


Installing our CR-TAC/MILTAC Dual Muff Headsets onto an EXFIL 2.0 or 3.0 helmet can be confusing at first glance, but really it's simple. It comes down to the preference of attachments that are available to the system.

Rail 2.0 - This is the rail 2.0 mounting system, which is made of a very rigid polymer. It is a one-of-a-kind system designed by Team Wendy, which means it only accepts Team Wendy accessories. Fortunately, Team Wendy offers a plethora of accessories, and this helmet is compatible with all rail 2.0 accessories. Headset adapters and picatinny rails are two examples of these accessories.

Rail 3.0 - Team Wendy has been producing their 3.0 system since 2020. It's not an improvement over 2.0, but a completely different attachment that serves a different purpose. The 3.0 rail is intended for mounting the EXFIL ballistic visor and face shield.


CR-TAC Installation

CR-MILTAC Installation

1. First, remove boom mic connector. Use a flat blade screw driver to gently pry the connectors off the ear piece shell. 

2. Turn the connector 90 degrees and slide it off the stock headband. Install boom mic connector onto the correct side of the ARC rail adapter, in reverse order. Try not to damage the rubber boot during installation.

3. Install all 4 of the connectors and get ready to connect the ARC rail adapters to the ear muffs. Install both adapters to correct side (see picture). Gently press each connector onto ear muff shell. 

4. Installed adapters should look similar to the picture.


1. Insert screws into adapter with the locking nuts towards the back . 

2. Insert the adapter tab into the rail opening and slide in to a comfortable position. Lock in position by hand turning the screws.

3. Run wire connecting the two ear muffs around the back and bottom of the helmet to your   

4. Adjust boom mic length and  position to your preferred location.


1. Slide the ARC rail adapter into the dovetail groove on the ARC rail, from front to back. 

2. Position and adjust to your preference and comfort setting using the rail tab detents. Rotate and slide the ARC rail adapter to get the ear muffs to sit comfortably on your head. Make sure  the helmet securely fitted.

3. Run wire connecting the two ear muffs around the back and bottom of the helmet to your preference. 

4. Make sure the helmet is securely fitted to your head before adjusting ear muff fit.

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