Quality Matters With Code Red Headsets


Of course it does. But how can you tell? How can you differentiate seemingly identical products from each other, especially when you are searching for the lowest price available on the internet. You can’t. Reviews help, if they are truly generated by a verified customer. But how do you know? This is where brand recognition offers a lot of value.


At codeRed Headsets we have made our reputation by providing high quality, professional grade headsets for 2-Way radios, and standing behing our products. We recently celebrated our 20th anniversay in the 2-Way radio accessories business, and we plan to be here for a long time in the future. We value every customer and go out of our way to make sure you get what you want, what you need, and at a reasonable price. We offer a 1 year warranty on our products against manufacturer’s defects, and our low return rate (less than ½% on average for the past decade) is a testament to this policy.


The first thing you will notice about a high quality headset is the send and receive audio fidelity. A headset designed with low grade products will have a “tinny” sound or have a lot of background static. High quality speakers and microphones in your headset is the most basic way to separate out the low cost products from the professional grade. However, this is just the starting point. Build quality is just as important. Connector fit and function and earpiece design are part of the equation as well.


When all of the above items can be compared as equivalent, there is one last part of a headset that is probably the most important factor: cable strength. A professional quality headset will have Kevlar stranding in the cables. There needs to be a sufficient amount of Kevlar to provide adequate tensile strength. This Kevlar also needs to be anchored at both ends of the cable so that it is actually able to do its job. A headset without this type of support will usually not make it through one shift.


At codeRed, we design our products with these features. We know the job of a law enforcement officer is tough, and their equipment needs to be just as tough. We include a considerable amount of Kevlar stranding in our cables and anchor it securely at both ends. From our in-house testing we know our cables are typically 5 times as strong as the low cost headsets we have tested. We know you need reliable communications equipment, and our mission is to provide it for you.

Attention to details matters. Choose a brand you trust, choose codeRED Headsets. Find our products available on our website at  CodeRedHeadsets.com
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