Tactical Headsets for SWAT

Pro Series Tactical Headset Family

Over the past 2 years we have been developing and evolving our professional tactical headset offering to better fit the needs of the true tactical professional. Our efforts have created a range of headsets, with interchangeable PTT and down lead, to accommodate any situation your team may encounter. All headsets use the US NATO standard Nexus connection between headset and PTT.

Assault-Pro Throat Mic:
Best for stealth situations, throat mics will allow the user to communicate with a whisper in low noise situations to keep your location and communications covert.

TBCH-Pro-B/M Bone Conduction Speakers with Boom Mic: Bone Conduction allows you to keep your ears open to have perfect situational awareness, while the Boom Mic gives optimal transmission in high noise situations.


TBCH-Pro-S/R Bone Conduction Speakers with Bone Conduction Microphone: Situational awareness like the TBCH-Pro B/M, with the addition of a Bone Conduction Microphone so you can still communicate while wearing a gas mask or SCBA.


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