Bendix King Two Way Radio Accessories

Shop our Top Products for Bendix King P1505 radios.

Our two-way radio accessories are KevlarTM reinforced and made
to withstand extreme environments used in Fire Safety, Public Safety and Search & Rescue.

This new Signal 21 WPEB Speaker microphone is IP67 rated and features an emergency button. When pushed, a distress signal is sent to dispatch. Recommended for Fire Departments and Public Safety. BK2 connector Waterproof Shoulder mic with Emergency Button for use with the BK KNG 150 radio.

The Signal 21 microphone has been manufactured using the highest quality specifications to be water, wind dust and impact resistant. (IP54 rated) The radio connector cord includes Kevlar® reinforcement in the cord. The heavy-duty strain relief means longer service and less down time. This speaker microphone is made to withstand all types of use; public safety and wild land firefighters.  
The Investigator is our popular two wire clear tube surveillance microphone with QD Quick Release Adapter. Perfect for threading through suits, uniforms and other tactical apparel.

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