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Our Bluetooth accessories allows you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio. Code Red provides secure and reliable wireless communications when you’re on the field. We offer Bluetooth solutions for all industries including Law Enforcement, Recreational Sports, First Responders and Industry Professionals.
Recreational Sports


For recreational enthusiasts like hang gliding, skydiving and airsoft, our Bluelink adapters work great with a Bluetooth headset when you need hands-free communications. Popular radio brands such as Yaesu and Kenwood are compatible with our adapters. Simply plug the adapter into the radio and begin pairing your Bluetooth devices.



Our Bluelink Bluetooth Adapter attaches directly to your two-way radio. No batteries or recharging required. These brands of Bluetooth earpieces work best with our BlueLink adapters: Plantronics, Jabra, Jawbone, Blue Parrot and SENA. 

*Does not pair with hearing aids.

 Industry Professionals


 We carry Bluetooth adapters for the most popular radios for industry professionals such as Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex. Our Bluetooth products also include the BPSM Speaker Mic and a High Noise Over Head Strap Headset which can be paired with our Bluelink adapters. 

When law enforcement needs covert surveillance, our WCK Wireless Covert Kit and Bluelink Lapel Mic can last up to 10 hours of operation time and about 50 hours of standby time. Perfect for hands free operations in surveillance details, executive security and public safety.

BlueLink  Bluetooth Public Safety Speaker Microphone


Our BlueLink bluetooth Public Safety heavy duty wireless speaker shoulder microphone eliminates all cords tied to your portable radio. Simply attach one of our BlueLink radio adapters (sold separately) to your radio, pair it with the BPSM and off you go!
It has long talk time-up to 10 hours.

The high quality directional microphone transmits clearly every time.

Heavy duty rotating spring loaded clothing clip can be attached directly to a shirt, shoulder strap or tactical vest. Has a built in earphone jack for additional privacy and security; is a standard 3.5mm audio port. Can be used with our Silent Jr 3.5, Guard Jr 3.5, Crew Jr 3.5, or Shield Jr 3.5 earpieces.

Bluelink-LPM Wireless Lapel Mic


The BlueLink-LPM can connect with most Bluetooth earpieces and can be used with your two-way radio with the help of one of our BlueLink adapters (sold separately). Comes with a 3.5mm clear tube earpiece, but also works with iphone/smartphone headsets. Provides over 10 hours of operation time and about 50 hours standby time. Allows you to have hands free operation that is perfect for surveillance details, executive protection teams, and public safety.

WCK Wireless Covert Kit


This radio adapter permits you to use an iPhone compatible microphone/earbuds for discreet communications. Includes a wireless finger Push To Talk with Velcro strap to attach to finger or steering wheel. (Microphone/earbud included) Lightweight, compact and sturdy. Powers directly from radio. No battery charger needed.

High Noise Over Head Strap


Bluetooth Dual muff headset for high noise environments. Pairs with most Bluetooth devices. Soft Velcro strap fits comfortably under a hard hat or baseball cap. The head straps are adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit. Speakers are located in both ear cups. The noise canceling dynamic boom microphone produces clear transmissions even in high noise areas where hearing protection is required. NRR rating 24db

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