codeRed Product Updates: July


It's been a busy past few months on the development side. Here are some new updates for July.

✔ We have added the M connector to All Pro Series tactical headsets. Bearcom, Motorola 2-pin radios, Cobra, Freidaxin, Hytera and more radios can be used with our pro series headsets.

✔ Our NX PTT M7 Single has now been upgraded with a hard wired connection providing a true waterproof seal. IP67 Rated

✔ Sherlock NX Lapel Microphone (previously mentioned) is a light weight addition modified to be used with professional PTT's.

✔ After extensive testing in a professional setting (SWAT) and Airsoft, our CR TAC Headset is set to release this month. Get a heads up via our VIP email soon.

July is on 🔥🔥

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