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SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams execute the most volatile and dangerous undertakings for police forces through the nation. As a result of the dangerous missions, departments require a higher grade of technological equipment than the typical force like weaponry and hardware.

One of these innovations, quite possibly the main requirements is a productive and reliable communications system which permit the tactical team to transfer information for executing the mission.

The significance of clear and dependable communications is necessary for strategic tactical operations. Since SWAT groups comprise of numerous individuals with an assortment of assignments, officials should transfer quick and successful correspondences to guarantee the group is completely mindful and zeroed in on the current goal.

What We Provide

Over the past 2 years we have been developing and evolving our professional tactical headset offering to better fit the needs of the true tactical professional. Our efforts have created a range of headsets, with interchangeable PTT and down lead, to accommodate any situation your team may encounter. code Red tactical headsets have been proven in professional settings and in harsh environments. All Pro Series and NX headsets use the US NATO standard Nexus connection between headset and PTT. Also they can be used interchangeably with Peltor and MSA Sordin headsets and PTT's. 


Assault Pro Tactical Throat Mic

Best for stealth situations, throat mics will allow the user to communicate with a whisper in low noise situations to keep your location and communications covert.

TBCH-PRO B/M Bone Conduction Speakers w/ Microphone

Bone Conduction allows you to keep your ears open to have perfect situational awareness, while the Boom Mic gives optimal transmission in high noise situations.

TBCH-PRO S/R Bone Conduction Speaker

Situational awareness like the TBCH-Pro B/M, with the addition of a Bone Conduction Microphone so you can still communicate while wearing a gas mask or SCBA.

Product Features

  • New M connector Added for all PRO Series headsets.
  • Kevlar reinforced cable.
  • Finger/Weapon PTT Included.
  • Headsets and PTT's can work interchangeably with Peltor, MSA Sordin or TP-120 US NATO connections.

Be in control of your tactical team with the new NX Dual PTT Tactical Headsets. Can listen up to 4 radio channels simultaneously depending on radio. Features a Nexus connector (not compatible with our modular series) wired to US NATO standard.The Dual PTT is a metal bodied, waterproof (IP67) submersible PTT. Connection to headset is waterproof. Constructed military grade design, not a plastic consumer grade device. Metal clip affixes to uniform or clothing. The Molle clip can be reversed to be used on left or right side of vest. This PTT is also compatible with our Pro Series headsets that feature a Nexus connector which is used in Commercial and Military organizations. Offered in 4 different headset styles. 

Single wire lapel microphone with clear acoustic tube earpiece. When helmet communications are not in use, this lapel microphone is a light weight addition modified to be used with professional PTT's. The lapel microphone features a durable metal alligator clip and a US NATO Nexus connector (TP-120) to be used with our Pro Series and NX PTT's. Also compatible with Peltor or MSA Sordin PTT's. Our Kevlar® reinforced cable stands up to daily use. Can be worn with a helmet and under a mask.

Our newest product in development the CR-TAC Tactical Headset provides an edge in tactical communications by enhanced electronic amplification of your ambient surroundings. We have been testing this product in professional settings (SWAT) and Airsoft and are happy with the results.

Stay tuned for further release details.

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