New Product: CR TAC Dual Muff Headset


Our CR Tac Tactical Headsets are in and starts shipping today for those who have preordered. Our final build features our upgraded boom mic and a padded headband. We have had our manufacturer make substantial modifications to the design so that it will work for our intended market: SWAT teams in the US. It should also be a high end and affordable product for the Airsoft community.

Among the differences on our proprietary product are: Kevlar reinforced cables, a substantially redesigned boom mic and internal electronic modifications that will be noticeable in live fire situations. We have also modified our Assault throat mic to work as an option with the ear muff headset. This is a codeRED only product and we think it will fill a void in the market place and round out our product offering.

Our new standard boom microphone on our CR TAC Tactical Headset can be easily switched on either side. It also features 2 pivoting points to move the mic up/down and to the side when not in use. Also added is a retractable rotary switch to move the mic closer to your mouth. Softer cables were upgraded to allow the adjustment of the length of the microphone. A robust mounting clip was created to secure the mouth piece in place with the headset while stationary or on the move. 

We have adapted our popular throat mic with a 2.5mm adapter which can be connected to the headset port. Get the unfair advantage with complete stealth with amplified hearing.Developed to help reduce echoes and reverberations when shooting indoor and outdoor environments, there are 5 levels of amplification, indicated by beeps as the volume is changed.

Find the CR TAC on our website and at our EU Distributor

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