Tech Bulletin: codeRED Dual Ear Muff ARC Rail Adapter Installation Instructions


Dual Ear Muff headsets are typically used in high noise situations. You most likely have seen them on the tarmac at your local airport or in movies where the hero is riding in a helicopter. For professional use they will typically be used in conjunction with a tactical helmet. The modern tactical helmet was created by Ops Core in about 2008 and their ARC rail adapter is probably the most common helmet solution today for professionals and enthusiasts. This document shows a user how to swap out the stock headband on our ear muff headset for the ARC rail adapter. Although this is specific to the ARC rail adapter, it will work for other adapters like the Team Wendy EXFIL, or M-LOK.


Here is a picture of the CR-TAC headset, unpackaged with ARC rail adapters ready to begin. The cup of coffee is optional, but usually highly recommended.


1. Use a flat blade screw driver to gently pry the connectors off the ear piece shell.


2. It is best to start with the boom mic connector, since this is the only one that has a front/back position requirement. Turn the connector 90 degrees and slide it off the stock headband. Install boom mic connector onto the correct side of the ARC rail adapter, in reverse order. Try not to damage the rubber boot during installation.

NOTE: At this point you will need to remove the headband Velcro covering so the wire joining the two ear muffs is free.


3. Install all 4 of the connectors and get ready to connect the ARC rail adapters to the ear muffs. Install both adapters to correct side (see picture). Gently press each connector onto ear muff shell. If you prefer the boom mic on right side, now is a good time to do it.


4. Finished version should look like this:



1. Installation onto an ARC rail fitted helmet is pretty straightforward. Below is an Ops Core helmet with the CR-TAC headset installed. Just slide the ARC rail adapter into the dovetail groove on the ARC rail, from front to back. 

2. Position and adjust to your preference and comfort setting using the rail tab detents and the rotating/sliding ARC rail adapter to get the ear muffs to sit comfortably on your head, with helmet securely fitted as you would use it.

3. Run wire connecting the two ear muffs around the back and bottom of the helmet to your preference. This wire routing may change as you take ear muffs on and off your ears during use.

4. Adjust boom mic length and position to your preferred location.


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