Choosing the right Tactical Headset


The past few years we have created several lines of tactical headsets for our consumers. As our product lines grow, the more options there are for specific needs. We have rearranged our website offering to be convenient for your search. Simply choose the type of headset from our Tactical Headsets drop down menu.

Still not sure what are the differences of our product lines? Below we break down the differences of our 3 headset categories.

The Modular series of Tactical Headsets is a robust family of products for training and recreational use. The same or similar technology from our Professional series has been made available in an affordable package for consumers as well as professional departments who are budget conscious. All headsets are interchangeable with a proprietary 5-Pin connection.

Our Tactical Headsets fitted with US NATO Standard (TP-120) connectors. Compatible with MSA Sordin and Peltor PTT’s.

We created a new line of metal bodied military grade PTT’s for Single Channel and Dual Channel communications for large tactical teams. The Dual PTT can listen/command up to 4 radio channels simultaneously depending on the radio.

Over the past 2 years we have been developing and evolving our professional tactical headset offering to better fit the needs of the true tactical professional. Our efforts have created a range of headsets, with interchangeable PTT and down lead, to accommodate any situation your team may encounter. All headsets use the US NATO standard Nexus connection between headset and PTT.

Find our tactical headsets on our website at

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