New Product: CR-TAC-NX Series Headsets


Available now in the NX Series, is the CR-TAC Dual Muff Headset. Choose between the NX Single, Dual or Dual K-B. Also now available in Coyote Brown!

The CR-TAC Dual Muff Headset is a noise cancelling headset with "hear through" technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Headset connects to PTT with a Nexus TP-120 plug wired to the US NATO standard. Features 5 levels of battery powered sound amplification, allowing for enhanced situational awareness. The noise cancelling electret condensing boom mic can be moved from left side to the right side. Ear muff cups are slim design to promote good "cheek weld" when sighting in a rifle. Cables are reinforced with Kevlar. Used by SWAT, HAZMAT and Tactical Units.

Find our CR-TAC Tactical Headset on our website at

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